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Dear Religious Policeman: - My Inner Child plays with matches.

About Dear Religious Policeman:

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Date:May 18th, 2006 02:12 am (UTC)
I am the "Abu Sinan" in question. See, the "RP" has a tendency to see any and all opposition to him as emminating from myself. I guess I should take that as a compliment. Although, seeing how the "RP" likes to blast others for conspiracy theories, his own indulgence in the practice is a bit amusing.

He e-mailed me several times recently, wanting to chat and get all friendly. Of course, I wasnt interested. I would have been REALLY interested if he, as a self-proclaimed Saudi, would have been willing to carry on the conversation in Arabic, but as we all know, the many doesnt know any more Arabic than George Bush, so that wasnt possible.

In between offering me "pardons" so I could come back to his blog and trying to get me to talk about me new baby, he was trying to make me understand his posts. Anyway, why he would want me back is beyond me, so he can just ban me again?

The guy is no Saudi, he is no Arab. He cannot, and does not, find his own source information in Arabic. Everything he gets is translated by someone else, taken from someone else's sources. The only translations he has post have been taken from other people's sites. Plainly put, the guy(if that is what he is) cannot read or speak Arabic.

I offered once to have a on-line chant session, Arabic only, on his site. I suggested we open a blog post and just have notable Arabic bloggers participate, only in Arabic. No personal question. Heck, we could talk about his supposed love of Chricket and Arsenal FC for 30 minutes for all I care. But that would have once and for all sorted the issue. Of course he declined.

The only Arabs that buy his story are those who agree with his ultra liberal pro-Western ideas. None of them seem to ask themselves "why cannot this supposed Saudi speak to me in my own language."

Anyway, the "RP" gives himself too much credit. My wife and I just had a baby see I have hardly had much time on my own blog, let alone create and work a whole different blog with the sole purpose of getting at him. Delusions of grandure. He calls me(whilst talking to you) a one trick pony, but if there was ever a one trick pony it is him.

His site is nothing more than made up fictional stories about the Saudi royal family, doodling with Photoshop, and stealing and changing stuff he finds on other sites. I still read his site, but it is boring. There are only a few types of posts he ever does:

1. Make up story including Saudi royals doing something stupid, include photosopped pictures.

2. Take news story and use it as a way to slam Saudi royal family and slam Islam.

3. Get facts and ideas about Islam wrong, ie worshipping the black stone.

It is a bore. I think his main reason for doing it is all of the "you arent the typical Muslim" and "you give me hope for the backward poor Arabs of the world" hero adulation.

The man is no Muslim, the man is no Arab.

I hate the Saudis almost more than anyone I know. My wife and I, her family, we have all suffered at the hands of the Saudi authorities at one level or another. So it is obvious I am not going against the "RP" to protect the Saudi establishment. The sooner they all rot in hell the better. I was actually one of "RPs" fans before he came back again.

But then his inconsistancies became glaring. His agenda seemed less to do with anti-Saudi than it did anti-Arab and often even anti-Islam. I searched his name on the web and found he had posted under Jewish people's names on a well known neo-con site. I saw a post of his where he slaughtered Arabic and refused to continue the conversation in Arabic for fear of falling prey to Prince Nayf, the head of the MoI. As if a conversation in Arabic would give the MoI anything to work on. All that would do is make it clear that he doesnt speak Arabic, let alone with a Najdi accent.

But, that is all fine. If people want to listen to his boring reruns, let them. You'll find that almost all of his readership, and certainly his posters, are Western non Muslims. His traffic from Saudi comes almost completely from Western ex pats.
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