The Implausible Michael Crichton (chaotic_nipple) wrote,
The Implausible Michael Crichton

It's official!

"Dear user,

Thank you for your inquiry. Your current userpic
( is appropriate
for use as a default userpic. Our restrictions on what is considered
appropriate for a default userpic are detailed in"

My unnaturally tattooed male nipple is A-OK, but female nipples being put to the use for which nature designed them, aren't. Shame on Livejournal, for caving into fear of the religious prudes, when they _should_ be caving in to us libertines!

Elsewhere on the Petty Annoyance Front, I have been forced to conclude that I will never be able to build a lego Alpha Veritech which is both to minifigure scale, and whose transformation sequence is true to the cartoon. Curses and drat! I must also say that the "Robotech Masters" episodes were by far the weakest of the series. Yeah, I _get_ that the Armies of the Southern Cross were supposed to be crippled by political infighting and inept leadership, but the writers obviously had no knowledge of real world military operations AT ALL. The most egragious bit of stupidity was a "tank" with an open air cockpit. The novelizations explained that away as a design flaw that was supposed to have been fixed long before they were fielded, but that bureaucratic inertia had foiled. I can buy that, just barely. But an "officer" as undisciplined as Dana Sterling should never have graduated the academy in the first place. Though I guess strings could have been pulled on behalf of her illustrious parents.

Anyway, the "Macross" episodes were fairly realistic, and the "New Generation" had that post-apocalyptic, daily struggle for survival vibe going, and I look forward to having the time to commemorate them in lego. But I don't think I'll even bother with the Southern Cross mecha. :-P
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