The Implausible Michael Crichton (chaotic_nipple) wrote,
The Implausible Michael Crichton

Stupid animals.

When I first met Buddy, he was more timid than he is now, but he also got underfoot more often too. As a result, accidental kickings were very common, which always resulted in a horribly betrayed look on his face, which took minutes upon minutes of scritching and reassurances that we were not like his original humans to erase from it. Nowadays, he's less shy, gets in the way slightly less, and accidental boots-to-the-head result in confusion instead of despair. Progress!

Duchess is a whole other idiot. To the best of our knowledge, she was never in an abusive home, so she never learned to fear her two-legged packmates. Yet she gets underfoot more than Buddy at his clingiest ever did. So how does she react? With prancing and tail-wagging JOY! She interprets pretty much any physical contact as an attempt at play, so she just assumes a foot that sends her skidding across the floor was clumsy eagerness rather than malice. Silly little sausage. :-)

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