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That's Natural Selection for you. - My Inner Child plays with matches.

About That's Natural Selection for you.

Previous Entry That's Natural Selection for you. Aug. 11th, 2012 @ 09:22 pm Next Entry
So, I was working in the yard with the dogs "helping" when I heard an utterly piteous "SQUEEEK!". I turned to find that the fierce predators had cornered a baby rabbit. Taking pity on the lagomorph, I called them away and then went to inspect their prey. Aside from dog slobber, it looked fine, so I coaxed it out of its inadequate hiding spot so it could go and squeak another day. It hid under the woodpile, whereupon I went back to working.

A few minutes later, I looked up to find that Duchess had finally lived up to her bunnicidal mini-dachshund heritage, and the only thing left of Fluffy was a head, which she was happily chewing on. She glared mightily and defiantly swallowed that sad remnant when I tried to take it from her. Given the lack of further squeeking, I assume it was a quick death at least, but why didn't the idiot creature just stay hidden? Horrid dogs will no doubt be especially flatulent tonight.

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