The Implausible Michael Crichton (chaotic_nipple) wrote,
The Implausible Michael Crichton

Today was a truly terrifying one.

At least the end of it was. One moment I am happily washing dishes when I hear a "thump!" and then [profile] naughtyaelf yelling for me from the living room. I run over and see Buddy lying on his side, twitching. She said that at first it looked like he tripped over something, but then he stiffened up and fell right over, which is what the sound was. Now, his eyes are darting back and forth, the muscles on one side are all horribly bunched up, he's peed himself, and he's not responding to our patting or our words. My first thought is that he's having a stroke.

I call the after-hours vet clinic at the UW, and after a few minutes on hold, call a different clinic (The UW one never actually answers, but I don't blame them if it's an unusually busy evening0. When they answer, I pass the phone over to Aelf, as she was the one who saw it all (and I wasn't up to coherent speech anyways), and I go back to attending my dog. He's no longer twitching, he even seems to be somewhat aware, but he's not reacting to a hand in front of his eyes, and he's not responding to anything I say either. But his nostrils are flaring when I hold my hands on front of his muzzle, so I think he knows he's not alone.

While Aelf handles the details with the vet, Buddy gradually becomes more aware. He starts looking around and seeing things, and he seems to be less worried about what's happening that Duchess is. After a few more minutes, he tries to get up, and a few after that, he succeeds. He walks over to his water bowl, and loudly slurps his fill; I think that's where he was headed in the first place.

We were prepared to carry him out to the car, but he's perfectly able to walk, and is excited to go on an Adventure. He's notably more anxious at the vet than usual, but the veterinary ER is a noticeably more anxious place for humans too. He wouldn't actually go into the triage area without one of his Humans, but with Aelf by his side, he's well behaved. Aside from mild anemia, they can't find anything wrong with him, so we head back home. Tomorrow, I'll call his regular vet for a more thorough examination.

Oddly enough, he seems even more alert and coordinated than usual now. I hope this was a one-time thing, but we'll see. In the meantime, I guess we'll have to get used to sleeping with puppy-pads under his butt in case of further incidents. We WILL NOT banish him from our bed though. He's our puppy, and that's all there is to it.

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