The Implausible Michael Crichton (chaotic_nipple) wrote,
The Implausible Michael Crichton

Buddy, ? ??? 2002? - 1 Feb 2013.


  • Buddy's next vet appointment will be his last.

    Tumor in his heart. They drained excess fluid to make him more comfortable, but there's nothing they can do to treat the underlying cause. He might…

  • My dog is leaking.

    So, no more seizures, and generally energetic, but for the past week his belly was bloated, so when we went to the vet they took a fluid sample from…

  • Today was a truly terrifying one.

    At least the end of it was. One moment I am happily washing dishes when I hear a "thump!" and then naughtyaelf yelling for me from the living…

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